Microsoft Announces Silverlight

by on April 17, 2007
in design

So what is Silverlight?

First let’s mitigate any confusion with some definitions. Silverlight used to be WPFe (Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) You may also have heard of WPF… WPF is built into .NET 3.0

Microsoft Announces Silverlight

Silverlight, the new cross-browser plug-in from Microsoft delivers rich new media experiences on the Web. In a nutshell Silverlight (formerly known as “WPFe” or Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) is shaping up to be a very compelling alternative to Flash. Silverlight is a XAML rendering engine that runs in a browser plug-in and is targeted to work with Linux, Mac and Windows browsers. It does almost everything that WPF does, with the exception of some 3D rendering capabilities. I’m super excited about this new platform and have a feeling this will be all over MIX07.

As this new toolset matures it will evolve the landscape for user experience/interactive designers; enabling them to work directly within the desktop and browser environments from a single toolset. I’ll be attending a half-day design session on Friday to get my hands dirty with some of the advanced features of Microsoft’s Expression Blend. I’ll follow up on Friday with some high level notes from the design session, more to follow i’m sure…

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