Contingent Staff Gone Wild

by on April 4, 2007
in design

After too many years of working as an experience designer for a small web firm, several startups, a mobile platform business, and consulting as a free agent, in April of 2005 I was hired as a full-time contingent staff user experience designer on the “Quattro” Home Server team (later to be known as Windows Server Codename “Q.” The story behind this is quite long… you can read about the legacy behind the names here.)

I was recently cleaning out my studio and found this stuck to the side of my portfolio.

It’s the security sticker from my interview loop for the contingent staff design position, 2/23/2005…

It was a crisp clear spring morning. I found my office inside building 43 in Redmond Washington on the Microsoft campus and was told to go to work. My boss at the time, Cyra Richardson facilitated this amazingly unique opportunity to truly do innovative discovery design from the ground up. I haven’t looked back since.

Although I didn’t know it at the time this opportunity presented the most significant design challenge of my career do date.

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