Windows Home Server Console Prototype 4 of 11

by on May 4, 2007
in design

More interaction iteration…

We played around with the toolbar, the property sheet, and commit model with this design.
We experimented with commit on type, rather than using the traditional (OK, Cancel, Apply) buttons of a property sheet.

Windows Home Server Console Prototype 4
Prototype 4

This design employs a minimalist approach of committing changes as a user types rather than requiring a button click. There is so much precedent in the Windows environment that this shift was considered highly radical and generally made folks uneasy (even though it’s very similar to Windows Desktop Search/Vista Search).

We were hoping to invest in a functional prototype and test this behavior against the current interaction/commit and see what users preferred, but we had bigger fish to fry, like closing on a final interaction model and designing the product. There was a lot of pressure at this point to start closing down on the interaction.

Perhaps lost UI innovation but not forgotten…

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