The power of perspective

by on May 21, 2010
in design

Sometimes it seems to me that adults take everything way too seriously.

We see ourselves as self-important, our work as self-significant, and we can get wrapped up in sophisticated beliefs, becoming rigid in our thinking mind, our attitude, our approach, and our perspective. What is it that we give up, or forget under the day-to-day pressures, and responsibilities of adult life?

We forget to play. We stop laughing. We stop experimenting. We take things for granted. We make assumptions.

We lose sight of the joy that exists in every moment if we just tune-our-perspective, let-go of our ego, and take the time to see it.

If we consciously recall the perspective of the six year old (yes it’s still inside every grown adult) we can reclaim the powerful simplicity of this outlook. The next time you’re stuck in a really tough area, or have invested tons of cycles trying to circumnavigate a technical constraint, take a step back, see the challenge with joy, appreciate the opportunity it is providing you, and ask yourself or the group this question…

‘What would a six year old do?’

You might very well just be over thinking the problem. Sometimes the clearest, most-obvious solution really is the best solution.

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