Holistic Perspective

by on September 8, 2012
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An Excerpt taken from, The Value of The Infinite

Great so let’s say you have a vision. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Or even better, perhaps you’ve recognized you have a vision gap, and are considering manifesting a vision for your project. How is a vision leveraged?

Holistic perspective, is big picture thinking. It’s a right brained activity. It’s the act of taking a step back from the painting to evaluate the gestalt of the work. A good vision consists of the following ingredients:

   ▪ A single specific, quantifiable, difficult to achieve goal
   ▪ No more than two secondary goals that are also specific, quantifiable, and challenging
   ▪ Clear milestones with dates, including:
      ▫ Clear exit criteria for the current milestone
      ▫ Clear entrance criteria for the next milestone
   ▪ A concept to help the team visualize the vision
   ▪ A regular process to check-in, view progress holistically relative to the vision, and ratify (only if absolutely necessary)
   ▪ A communication / messaging plan for the vision
   ▪ Agreement and commitment from the team on the vision

While I have had the honor of learning from some of the best and the brightest in the industry, in working with vision, the item that has been lacking, has been “A regular process to check-in, view progress holistically relative to the vision, and ratify (only if absolutely necessary).” This is important, because in the world of technology today, things change so rapidly that there needs to be a release valve to adjust the plan but only if absolutely necessary. There also need to be a regular review, where teams “take-a-step-back” from their day to day deliverables and check-ins to measure progress relative to the concept. This will reinvigorate, empower, and motivate the group. By instrumenting this holistic perspective into the team, and making the review of progress, relative to a clearly articulated concept builds the muscle of holistic thinking into teams. It makes agreements on priorities, dates, commitments, easier. It helps everyone communicate consistently internally and externally, and has amazing impact on morale, and camaraderie.

So the action you can take is to kick-start the discussion to get a vision articulated. And assuming you’re a creative, start building your concept car.

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