The Infinite – Introduction

by on September 7, 2012
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There are generally two categories of design problems that need solving. Those that do not have an existing solution, and those that have an existing solution, but are in need of a better solution. This segment of the book focus on solving problems that may already have solutions, but are in need of improvement. This is the wheelhouse of innovation, and occasionally of invention. If you’re looking for the raw nuts and bolts, or the “how-to” guide to design, start with the other half. Do please come back and read this half as well.

I will preface by stating that the intention of this segment, “The Infinite” is to focus on the pure infinite joy of creativity. The true inner spirit where creative ideas manifest, the physiological responses of gut-feeling and instinct, acceptance of deterministic decision making, and the absolution of problem solving. As for any finite problem there are next to Infinite solutions. The trick is identifying the right solution.

Henceforth, quite organically this segment of the book will move forward organically, may feel unorganized, will run on at times, may get temperamental even emotional, will most certainly wax philosophical, and even touch upon spiritual themes. After all it is the inner creative joyful spirit within us that put me on the path to writing this book, and you on the creative path which ultimately lead to reading this book. It is a privilege to have you. I promise I won’t waste your time.

I remember being a kid alive with an infinite imagination. All of the wondrous unknown possibilities spread out before me like the raw wake of the ocean. It’s vast energy unfathomable, intimidating, incredibly powerful, unknowable in volume, capacity, depth, and darkness. If you’ve ever stood on the shore, staring out at the ocean crashing down before you, then trickling up the shore, wetting your toes sinking into the sand, then you know this intimacy. I also recall camping as a kid, pretending to be asleep, and then getting up in the middle of the night, simply to marvel for hours at the millions of stars overhead. Sometimes my parents would wake up, and stare with me, and remember.

It has been my lifetime experiences that have led me to the belief that this raw infinite nature surrounds us always. This river of energy flowing through us is unending. We are it. It is us. It is within us. We are of it. To truly harness the full capabilities and capacity of the infinite nature of creation and destruction, we must get in touch with this way of experiencing and perceiving. For those who have long forgotten the incredible miracle of a fallen leaf, or snowflake, remember that these things were created, albeit abstracted just enough that we don’t perceive their creation. Fortunately we have the power to witness and manifest our own creations, all from the same infinite source.

For many, creativity is a process of remembering, reawakening, and reconnecting with these sorts of experiences, the pure joy we felt as a child wondering at the marvels of the universe.

For some this may be scary. We’re all conditioned (especially in western cultures) to not ask “the big questions”, and instead to focus, perform in school, perform in sports, to please authority figures (parents, teachers, older siblings, the boss…), and ultimately to specialize in a skill, following-the-pack, to earn a living, to survive. From this root perspective, reconnecting with “creativity” may even trigger an ego response of, flight, fight, or freeze. Check-in with yourself, if reading about gazing at the ocean, or staring at the stars, made you feel scared, angry, or trepidatious, this may be an uncomfortable read for you. Nonetheless, I will ask you to persevere, at the risk that you may gain insight into perspectives that are within you, just long forgotten. For others this may be more an exercise in simply turning down the volume of our noisy neighbor; the linear, logical, evaluative, judging, critic of the left half of our brain, or most likely it’s some fuzzy combination of all of the above.

Nevertheless, the first goal is to open up, to reestablish a connection with the infinite creative nature within us. The more we are able to tap this river within ourselves, adapt this perspective, harness is, and direct it with intention, the greater the magnitude and potential for our creations.

It is from here that we begin, welcome to the Infinite.

-Kynan Antos

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