The Finite & The Infinite – Outline

by on September 7, 2012
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THE FINITE & THE INFINITE – The Cycle of Manifestation
To navigate the unruly waters of the world –we must connect our finite horizon with the infinite stars.

THE FINITE – “People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.” – Albert Einstein
1. Introduction

2. The value of the FINITE
▪ Managing the big constraints, time, scope, and quality
▪ Reductive reasoning, and focus
▪ Depth of thinking vs. breadth of understanding
▪ Designing to design
▪ Importance of feasibility

3. The FINITE within the cycle of manifestation

4. Applying the FINITE principles
▪ Agree on problems first, then solutions
▪ Define clear principles
▪ Codify concise goals
▪ Time box
▪ Disciplined action
   ▫ Maintain focus
   ▫ No new ideas
   ▫ Execute
   ▫ Measure progress

5. Translating to the INFINITE
▪ Communicating FINITE principles
▪ Predictability and managing expectations
▪ What may be getting lost in the signal

6. FINITE methods and tools
▪ Stakeholder evaluation, roles, and responsibilities
▪ Estimating work, and communicating costs
▪ Time boxing
▪ Rapid interface prototyping (RIP)
▪ Status communication

THE CYCLE OF MANIFESTATION – “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein
1. Overview
▪ Energy exchange and design
▪ Everyone is a designer
▪ Momentum

2. The manifestation principles of destruction
▪ The core reductive methods of destruction, the underlying phycology, and perspectives for deliberation

3. The manifestation principles of creation
▪ The core additive methods of creation, the underlying phycology, and perspectives for deliberation

4. Wielding the principles with intention, mindfulness, and compassion
▪ Transference
▪ Synergy
▪ Communication
   ▫ Self awareness of ego, mind, and nature energies
   ▫ Establishing credibility
   ▫ Building trust
   ▫ Agreement without consensus
   ▫ Knowing when to yield, and when to press
   ▫ Translating and understanding others

THE INFINITE – “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein
1. Introduction

2. The value of the INFINITE
▪ The power and importance of vision
▪ Holistic perspective, architectural application, and systems thinking
▪ Being supportive and disruptive with intention
▪ Innovation vs. invention
▪ The value of failure
▪ Don’t get lost

3. The INFINITE within the cycle of manifestation
▪ Identify, understand, and capitalize on existing solutions
▪ Challenge and extend convention
▪ Explore, pioneer, and educate

4. Applying the INFINITE principles
▪ Courage and conviction
▪ Expansive ideation
▪ Let go of attachment to an outcome
▪ You’re only as great as the last great thing you did
▪ Decision making

5. Translating to the FINITE
▪ Meeting resistance with patience, and perseverance
▪ Mitigating fear of ambiguity
▪ Expect to be misunderstood
▪ The power of precedent
▪ Judgment and criticism are prerequisite

6. INFINITE methods and tools
▪ John Kotter’s Change Model
▪ Brainstorming
▪ Affinity mapping
▪ Pattern recognition
▪ Opposite thinking
▪ Iteration and feedback spiral

1. About the author
2. Dedication

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