1976 born in Los Angeles (CA) Lives and works in Seattle (WA) USA

I’ve been ‘designing’ things since I was old enough to hold crayon to wall. My first experience with a computer was on mom’s Macintosh Plus (Photoshop 1.0.7, Illustrator 1.3, Aldus PageMaker 2.1 later to be known as ‘PainMaker’.)

Eventually I attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where I learned to draw a can of spray paint 9,223 different ways in 6 months (fifty drawings a day.) I learned that tools provide limitless variation, that feedback is invaluable and inevitable, that all human learning is based upon trial-and-error, and that culture is perception.

After school I started designing point-of-purchase, packaging and direct mail collateral with an agency. I learned that the ‘size of the type’ and the ‘placement’ of a poster can mean the difference between a hundred impressions a day, and ten-thousand; eventually translating into a 12% increase in holiday sales, or roughly a 460K net increase year-over-year. I became fascinated with human interaction and usability, learned of the internet and took-up HTML, Flash, CSS, and JavaScript.

About five years ago I learned of a new product for the home originally code named “Quattro” home server. The prospect of taking an entire server operating system, simplifying it down to the absolute essential, and extending this powerful engine to consumers was both a fascinating design challenge, and an amazing opportunity to do something the world had yet to see.

After shipping a V1, winning best of show at Macworld, shipping three update releases, shipping a V2, and extending the “consumerization of IT” to the small and micro business, I’ve landed on the Zune team working on the PC user experience.

I like to tell stories. I still read comic books. I have an amazing wife, a twenty-two year old step-son, and a 4 year old daughter. I have two dogs and have decided against a third.


These are not the droids you’re looking for…

This journal is focused on my experiences and personal thoughts. Nothing in this journal is in anyway affiliated with my current employer Microsoft Corporation, and is published here “as-is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


I do read comments. I do not reply to them. I delete comments that are spam or offensive to me.


Thoughts on design in general…

  • Design is only about three things, compassion, instinct, and integrity
  • Design will offend people; this usually means you’re onto something
  • Design is almost always reductive
  • Common-sense is your greatest design tool
  • Design is all about human intuition/instinct and has nothing to do with academia
  • A designer without opinions and passion is wasting your time
  • More to follow, I’m sure…