Find joy in the infinite

by on August 24, 2010
in design

“There is no joy in the finite, there is only joy in the infinite.” – Chandogya Upanishad

I am currently reading the Upanishads which are a collection of more than 200 philosophical texts of the Hindu religion. The oldest of the mukhya Upanishads, the Brihadaranyaka and the Chandogya were composed during the pre-Buddhist era of India.

While reading this amazing book, I was inspired by the quote above to create a digital Mandala. I’m offering this design here as a free download (high resolution 300dpi) feel free to make take it, print it, make it a crazy wallpaper, whatever you like, just please make it your own, and pass it on.

Mandala One - Print Resolution (300dpi)

Subliminal Pepsi logos

by on October 28, 2009
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Will drinking diet Pepsi actually make you slimmer as subliminally implied by their new logo?


In juxtaposing the diet logo with the standard logo it becomes fairly clear that diet = slimmer, thus Pepsi is influencing your decision subliminally. I would be really curious to know if consumers even notice this sort of thing consciously or not. I have a feeling Pepsi might have some really interesting data on this.

Personally, I’m a sucker for the diet gimmick and drink only diet soda even though I’m fairly certain it’s slowly poisoning me.

SPEEDWORK (Process + Scale)

by on August 8, 2009
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Some photos illustrating the process employed in putting this show together. There are also some shots from the studio, the gallery, and zeitgeist which clearly elucidate the scale of this work.


by on August 8, 2009
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’SkinDeep,’ a series of portraits from 2000 – 2001.

A comparison of personal surfaces and internal structures. The completeness of form paired with its physical plot or delineation. This body of work has come to light through internal, development, study, research and vision to finally assemble into its complete form. In the beginning, creating this set of work, it was specifically this completeness that I wanted to convey, the meaning and the form together, but delivered separately.

The first half of the work utilizes flat two-dimensional shapes and vibrant solid colors to emphasize negative and positive space. This technique is employed to maintain interest in the work as an abstraction up-close and as a whole at a distance. It also serves to communicate the idea of these individual elements combining to create a unified whole.

The second half is constructed of partner pieces built upon a ‘Proposed Land Use Action Signage’ using mixed media, and enamel. The departure in media from the first half of the work emphasizes depth, scale, and is looking for meaning beneath the surface. The use of line is utilized to plot the landscape for an internal message communicated by comparing the titles of each counterpart work. Thus tying in the metaphor, “the idea of the face as a map.”


by on August 7, 2009
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It is the purpose of SpeedWork to expose the impermanent extreme metabolic rate and desperate existence of the hummingbird, as a powerful symbol in today’s modern world.

Recognizing that we as society are increasingly more reliant on technology, pharmaceuticals, and convenience, to “be more efficient,” or “accomplish more with less.”

The Hummingbird:

  • Beats it wings 80 times per second
  • Flies at speeds up to 60mph
  • Proportionally has the largest heart of any animal
  • Has the second fastest heart rate of any animal 500 bmp (at rest) and 1,260 bmp (when fully active)

In an attempt to embody this delicate balance between fragility and kinetics, I developed these non-archival paintings quickly on oversize acid-free paper with oil paint.

While non-archival as this methodology may be, the paintings will easily last a lifetime or more if cared for properly and in keeping with my artist statement, “the materials with which the work is created must be subservient to it’s overall meaning and purpose.”


by on December 22, 2008
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Knitwear was a series of exceptionally flat acrylic paintings inspired by early sixties styling found in knitting magazines I picked up while thrifting in Idaho. The show was hosted in 2001 by the Zeitgeist Café.

The intent of the work was to deeply explore color and the language of flat minimalist design within painting.